What is CSV file and how to create them?

To create a basic CSV, you need to include a minimum of three fields: Date | Amount | Description.

  • Column A – Date
    – Use the date format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Column B – Amount (cells should be formatted as Number to 2 decimal places)
    – Transactions for money paid out of the bank account should have minus signs in front of them (-) and transactions for money coming into the bank account in should not have minus signs in front of them
  • Column C – Description
Sample CSV File Screenshot


Checklist for preparing CSV file
  • Make sure your date format is dd/mm/yyyy
  • Make sure you have used a single amounts column to contain both money paid out and money paid in
  • Make sure there are no commas in your amounts columns
  • Make sure you haven’t included any quote marks (“)
  • Make sure each description is on a single line with no carriage returns

You may download a sample CSV file in Excel by clicking the link below. The sample file already has some example data in it so as to give you a preview on how it should be done. Fast and efficient bookkeeping can be accomplished with just such an Excel file. You may upload these files through our contact page for bookkeeping – easy format and no fuss! No software required and you get your accounting records in a proper trail.