• Create New payroll entitlement category.

o For example, to create “Annual Leave Entitlement”.

• Create a Wage Category.

o Each created entitlement category must have a <Linked Wages Category>. Therefore, it is necessary to create a wage category “Annual Leave” and have it linked to the “Annual Leave Entitlement”.

• Multiple wage categories can be created and linked to a common Entitlement Category as necessary.


Calculation of Entitlement percentages for MYOB =>

• Employee A has entitlement to 20 days of Annual Leave per year and works an 8-hour day.

Hours worked per year = 8 hr X 5 days/week X 52 weeks = 2080 hours

Annual Leave hours per year = 8 hr X 20 days = 160 hours

Percentage entitlement rate for Employee A to be used in MYOB = (160 / 2080) * 100% = 7.6923%

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