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I came across this in my readings and found that there are gems in applying scholastic perspective on the things that we do.

  1. Observation – To observe the matter-at-hand accurately and thoroughly. Many a times, we see ‘what we want to see’ but do we really see what we are actually seeing?
  2. Understand – To be able to comprehend clearly what we have observed.
  3. Evaluate – Assessing our understanding by making some decisions on what is true and valuable.
  4. Feel – To feel intensively about what we have considered to be true and valuable. This has to penetrate our heart if we are to be able to stand by strongly on what we have evaluated.
  5. Apply – The application of what we have learned in the first four stages and integrating that into our lives wisely.
  6. Express – The complete acceptance of what we have carefully thought through should be communicated to others, whether in speech, writing and/or deeds, so as to help convey the value of that truth that we have gleaned, in the objective of making this aware to others so that they may share in the joy of knowing the truth.

In my encounters with various business scenarios, the above concepts have being true in bringing about a carefully planned execution of ideas into making a positive change. Though there were failures, it only means that we are humans. But more importantly, the understanding of “failures” through the above scholastic perspective often brings about new open doors and opportunities that helps us to overcome limitations.

Source: “The Pastor as Scholar by John Piper”

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